We have highly customized third party manufacturing facility for sports nutrition, Gym supplements and highly specialized therapeutic nutrition. Third party manufacturing facility is backed by complete solutions i.e. development of formula on evidence based scientific research, preparation of scientific communication at par with any MNC to establish rational and deferential in marketplace, training to field staff and other marketing backup.


Therapeutic, Health & Fitness Nutrition

  • Nutrition for Pregnant & Lactating Ladies

  • Nutrition for Kids growth and brain development

  • Nutrition for Diabetics

  • Nutrition for Senior citizens

  • Nutrition for Chronic / Critical illness / Enteral Nutrition

  • Immuno-nutrition to enhance immunity

  • Memory chargers

  • Nutrition for Cancer patients

  • Nutrition for working adults

  • Nutrition for weight management

  • Prebiotics-Probiotics

  • Anti-oxidants

  • Multivitamin, Multi-mineral RDA formula

  • Specialized products of cheated trace elements, Minerals with amino acids / Protein

  • Mental Fitness (Anti Stress Formula)

  • Digestive Fitness (Soluble & Insoluble Fibers)


Sports Specific Nutrition

  • Whey Protein Isolate

  • Egg Protein

  • Mix Protein of EGG, Whey, Casein and vegetarian protein

  • Casein Protein

  • Muscle Builder

  • Mass Gainers / Weight Gainers

  • Pre Workout

  • Energy Boosters / Energy Drinks

  • Post Endurance Workout

  • Post Strength Workout

  • Sliming Solutions

  • Meal Replacement

  • Anti-oxidants / Detox Formula

  • Liver support

  • Anti-Steroid / Washout products

  • Amino Acids / BCAAs / Glutamine / Arginine

  • Product for customized needs